Low EMF Infrared Saunas – Reviews Of Safe Saunas, Guaranteed.

Tired of sauna companies lying about their EMF levels? I was too, after buying multiple saunas that didn’t live up to the claims, and some even specifically stating that they were low emf or “no emf” which was false advertising. There is no such thing as a zero emf sauna, and anyone who tries to sell you one is lying through their teeth!

Take it from me, I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on more than one sauna that was a scam. All those cheap infrared saunas you see on Amazon with all the good reviews? Heh, it’s too easy to buy Amazon reviews these days, you can’t even tell what’s legit anymore even with the “verified buyer” thing.

I started reviewing every sauna I could get my hands on, and I was even more disguated with the missinformation in sauna detox groups, forums, and other blogs. People were regularly posting emf reviews of saunas, but with shaky cell phone videos, and they couldn’t even tell you what setting they used on their emf meter.