Who Makes The Best Infrared Sauna?

All sauna manufacturers claim to make the best infrared sauna, but which brands really stand up to their claims? Not many!

Most sauna companies skimp on wood quality, heater quality, and flat out lie about their emf levels. We’ve found time and time again, that you can only trust a few sources when it comes to evaluating whether or not an infrared sauna is truly good or not.

Clearlight Jacuzzi Infrared Saunas

From our research, it appears as though Clearlight Infrared Saunas is the top rated infrared sauna company in the industry.

They have true low emf heaters, a lifetime warranty, and many options and sizes to choose from to suit a wide variety of sauna needs. They even have outdoor saunas if you’re looking to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard.

We found several reputable tests on YouTube, that clearly show Clearlight lives up to the claims.

Radiant Health Saunas

This is a sauna company we had never heard of before sifting through a bunch of sauna reviews. We found that Radiant Health, not to be confused with Blue Wave Inc., to be a highly recommended sauna company out of Canada.

Their reviews online are second to none, and seem to be the best value in the industry when it comes to benefits per dollar spent.

Their saunas also test ultra low on the EMF scales, and their build quality rivals that of any competitor without added expense like some companies that produce premium product lines.

The owner Randy Gomm stands behind the product every step of the way, insisting on stringent product testing year in and year out.

High Tech Health

High Tech Health is a branch of Healthmate saunas, a popular ceramic sauna company that builds a different variation of infrared saunas. What makes High Tech Health unique though, is their commitment to reducing electric fields in EMF levels.

Most sauna companies only focus on mitigating magnetic fields, and some even argue that the World Health Organization says they’re not even harmful.

However, we don’t want to find out that turns out to be untrue in 20 years like are with cell phones now do we?

So High Tech Health goes the extra mile, and eliminates electric fields from their ceramic heaters, making them the clear choice over Healthmate.