Infrared Sauna Brands

There are so many companies on the market, it’s getting harder and harder to know which infrared sauna brands are the best. I mean really, how many of these companies just import a sauna from China, slap a low emf label on it, and call it a day? (insider tip: A LOT!) So how do we know who is lying, and who actually makes a good quality infrared sauna? I mean after all, some of us have family members that are trying to heal from cancer and other diseases, and the last thing we want to do is stick them in some high emf heat box that could be causing more harm than good right? These sauna companies act like it’s no big deal, and of course the sauna salesman “ensures” that it’s low emf. Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve heard it all… Without further ado, here are the best infrared sauna brands on the market:
  1. Radiant Health Saunas
  2. Clearlight Far Infrared (Premier)
  3. High Tech Health

Top 5 Best Infrared Saunas On The Market That Are Safe For Your Family There a few things that we need to understand in order to evaluate an infrared sauna. So here’s a short tutorial before we get into the nitty-gritty regarding five specific saunas. Just a Little Physiology. When you add heat to the body, a number of things happen. Your body gets warmer. The body’s autonomic system kicks in, your heart rate increases, and blood flows more efficiently as your capillary system literally expands. Your blood pressure decreases with the relaxation. You perspire. Your tissues become more flexible. Your aches and pains in your joints and muscles diminish. The enhanced blood flow carries muscle-related toxins and antioxidants from the suffering tissues, and you experience relief and a sense of wellbeing. Old Technology. Sweat lodges, hot baths, steam baths, conventional saunas, and the like have been around for generations. Their heating process changes the body heat experience when water is added to a heat source, often just hot rocks as in the familiar Finish sauna. The water changes to steam, heating those in the sauna. The body heating may continue for a period of time. Recommendation for actual exposure periods varies, but the goal is to deliver that heat to the body and stimulate the autonomic system. Perspective of a Couple Centuries. With the advent of electricity, you no longer had to heat your rocks over charcoal. You could still pour water on rocks, or heated metal as with some modern saunas. In the 1800s while he was studying the electromagnetic wave spectrum containing light, William Herschel discovered infrared rays, the part of the spectrum containing radiant energy. (Those rocks give off radiant energy, so you get the connection.) In the later 1800s, Battle Creeks’ J. H. Kellogg noted that infrared heat could deliver benefits similar to the conventional sauna. His resulting application, first promoted at the Chicago World’s Fair (1893), was identified as the “electric light bath.” The apparatus generated both standard light waves and the near infrared spectrum, i.e., the warming component. The other end of the infrared spectrum, the “far infrared waves,” were not explored until NASA in the 1960s. Japanese doctors developed a ceramic mechanism to generate those far infrared rays for sauna applications, with the concept coming to the U.S. in the 1980s. The materials used for far IR generation continues to develop. Near- (IR-A), mid- (IR-B), and far-infrared (IR-C) penetrate tissues to different depths and acceptable doses based on the given heat source generator, intensity, and length of exposure time to a given infrared wave. Heat sensation alone cannot be trusted to estimate dosage, since near, mid, and far IR waves differ in their penetration ability, some waves penetrating beyond the skin depth of heat sensing cells in the skin. Spectra above 850 nm (.85 μm) rapidly lose their penetration ability. Highest absorption occurs in the mid 700nm (0.7 μm) range. That is, IR-B and IR-C appear to be absorbed before they can have significant effects. That absorption occurs because the IR-B and IR-C are absorbed by more superficial skin and muscle structures as they alter the water and nerve sensation in the upper layers of skin. Tissue penetration in each case is controlled by the intensity of the given IR band. Medical Considerations. Feeling good after a sauna is not sufficient for many desiring third party payment for IR-related therapies, even when IR-related stimulation is administered by a non-physician, credentialed provider. As we look at specific IR saunas, we are in an area not governed by clinicians with product knowledge. In a real sense, the old maxim “buyer beware” applies and caveats related to product use become more important. You need due diligence in determining what is right for your needs. A Comparison Methodology. These five saunas meet current ANSI and ISO criteria governing technology generating IR waves. The first four are complete products on delivery with minimal assembly required. The last product is designed for the home handyman. Therasauna Infrared Saunas.  Manufacturer: Therasauna, 1021 State Street, Bettendorf, IA 52722, Phone 563-359-3881, Business Hours 9-5 M-F. Models: TheraSauna Persona TSP3737, TC4842, TC5959. Heat Source. Proprietary “Theramitters” generate a constant IR in the 700 nm to 1400 nm (7 to 14 μm) wave band, peaking output at 940 nm (9.4 μm). The Theratransmitter draws 15 or 20 amps from a standard 110 volt outlet without any need for a specialized plug. Warranty. Theramitters carry a limited lifetime warranty for an operational life of over 10,000 hours. Heater replacement will incur a handling fee of $50 for original owners. Controls. Digital touch controls (heat, humidity, and water resistance) are located inside and outside of the sauna enclosure. Cabinet Enclosures. Non-toxic components from Alaska and Canada provide wood for one, two, and four person sauna enclosures, dimensions of 42” W x 42.5” D x 72 H”, 51″ W x 46.75″ D x 72″ H, and 73″ W x 46.75″ D x 72″ H, respectively with 7 heaters (total of 10 amps), 10 heaters (total of 14 amps), and 12 heaters (total of 17 amps). Window and speaker configurations vary by model. Dimmable 60 watt lighting comes with dimmer. Pricing. Varies by model, ranging from about $4000 to $5800. Judgment by Specifications. Theramitters appear focused on a portion of IR band most absorbable by users (700-850 nm). SAUNA CLOUD.  Manufacturer: SAUNA CLOUD LLC, 942 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133, Phone 800-370-0820, Business Hours 24 Hours M-S. Models: Clearlight Sanctuary 1, 2, and 3. Heat Source. Proprietary “Combination Carbon and Ceramic Heaters” generate a constant IR in the 600 nm to 940 nm (6.0 to 9.4 μm) wave band, peaking output at 790 nm (7.9 μm). The Carbon-Ceramic Combination draws 14.6 or 18.7 amps from a standard 110 volt outlet without any need for a specialized plug. Warranty. The IR system carries a limited lifetime. Controls. Tablet or Smart Phone. Cabinet Enclosures. Canadian cedar or basswood provide “cabins” for one, two, and four person sauna enclosures, dimensions of 43” W x 48” D x 71” H, 52″ W x 48″ D x 77″ H, and 71″ W x 48″ D x 77″ H, respectively with 1750 (14.6 amps), 2250 (18.7 amps), and 2800 watt (total of 11.7 amps) infrared systems. Chromotherapy lighting (medical grade) comes with each unit. Pricing. Varies by model. Costs determined after completion of customer consultation. Judgment by Specifications. The business website is well written with a reasoning approach for the construction of each model to help the consumer make wise choices. Rocky Mountain Saunas.  Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Saunas, 5400 Ward Rd Bldg 2-201, Arvada, CO 80002, Phone 888-358-1270, Business Hours M-F 9:00am – 4:00pm; Sat. 9:00am – 12:00pm MDTS. Models: Badger Home Sauna, Colorado Home Sauna, Big Bear Home Sauna. Heat Source. ZERO EMF rated Nano-Carbon™ Far Infrared Heater panels of carbon over epoxy resin panels under laminate generate a constant IR in the 700 nm to 1400 nm (7.0 to 14. μm) wave band. The heating panel array draws 12.4 or 17 amps from a standard 110 volt outlet for the smaller cabins. A 220 volt 20 amp circuit is required for the Big Bear version. Circuit dedication may be required. Warranty. The IR and electrical system carries an unlimited lifetime warranty. Controls. Interior and Exterior Soft Touch BLUETOOTH Control Panels. FM and USB player. Cabinet Enclosures. Hemlock and Western Cedar provide “cabins” for one, two, and four person sauna enclosures, dimensions of 37” W x 38” D x 75 H”, 49″ W x 40.5″ D x 75″ H, and 72″ W x 47.5″ D x 75″ H, respectively in 1450 (12.4 amps), 1600 (12.8 amps), and 2850 watt (total of 17 amps) infrared configurations. LED Chromotherapy lighting comes with each unit. Pricing. Varies by model, $2995, $3195, and $5195, respectively. Judgment by Specifications. The business website is well written. Certifications and warranty information is clearly presented. Greenwave Wellness Inc  Manufacturer: Coastal Saunas–Greenwave Wellness, 2120 W Mission Rd, STE 220, Escondido, CA 92029, Phone 800-327-5122, Business Hours Not Specified. Models: Malibu, Del Mar, Hollywood. Heat Source. “Nano-Carbonwave” panels generate an 800 nm to 1000 nm (8 to 10 μm) wave band, peak spectrum at about 1000 nm (10 μm). The panel array draws 14, 18, or 12 amps from a dedicated 110 volt or 220 volt 20 amp conventional outlet. Warranty. The CD/DVD/LCD and stereo system and all light bulbs carry a year manufacturer’s warranty. The IR, electrical system, and wood carry an unlimited non-transferrable lifetime warranty. Controls. Inside/Outside PROGRAMMABLE Soft-Touch Controls Cabinet Enclosures. Stock or optional woods provide “cabins” for one, two, and four person sauna enclosures, dimensions of 50” W x 42” D x 75 H”, 60″ W x 44″ D x 75″ H, and 73″ W x 50″ D x 75″ H, respectively with 1600 watt (14 amps) and 2150 watt (18 amps) connected to a standard 110 volt circuit; the 2850 watt (12 amps) infrared systems for the Hollywood version requires a dedicated 220 volt 20 amp circuit. LED Chromotherapy lighting comes with each unit. AM / FM / CD player and additional options like rich Red Cedar and a DVD / LCD system are available. Pricing. Varies by base model, $3295, $3795, and $4595, respectively. Judgment by Specifications. The website is attractive and complete with sufficient consumer information to enable sound choices of product. Unfortunately, no index search mechanism is available to easily maneuver the website. Canadian Spa Company  Also marketing via Home Depot.  Manufacturer: Canadian Spa Company, US Division, 6405 Inducon Drive West, Sanborn, NY 14132. Phone 844-879-7727, Business Hours: M-F 9:00-6:00 EST, Weekends 10-6:00 EST; Email: Models: Jasper, Huron, Aspen. Heat Source. Carbon FAR Infrared Heaters (bandwidth undetermined), estimated life of 3000 to 5000 hours. Multiples of panels sized to cabinet spaces. Warranty. 1 year limited on IR and cabinetry. Controls. Preheat and auto start options included. Digitally controlled built in Bluetooth audio system, LED chromotherapy lighting, and an aromatherapy system come with the models. Temperature may be set for each enclosure. Cabinet Enclosures. Canadian Hemlock wood, designed with a locking clasp system, permit easy assembly for “cabins” for one, two, and four sauna enclosures, dimensions of 35” W x 39” D x 75 H”, 47″ W x 41″ D x 75″ H, and 54″ W x 54″ D x 75″ H, respectively with 1500 watt (15 amps), 1605 watt (15 amps), and 1535 watt (15 amps). All connect to a standard 110 volt 15 amp dedicated circuit. Pricing. Varies by model, $1700, $2300, and $3000, respectively. Judgment by Specifications. The data were presented succinctly. Detail was sparse, manufacturer noting compliance of product with national and international standards. IR panels appear to have about half the life of the systems made by the first four manufacturers, costs perhaps offset by the handyman utility of the structures and parts availability.